Download E-books Halls of Undermountain (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Supplement) PDF

By Matt Sernett, Shawn Merwin

Beneath the streets of Waterdeep, a sinister dungeon awaits adventurers courageous adequate to stand its perils. Created a long time in the past via the wizard Halaster, the sprawling dungeon is a lair for horrible monsters and ruthless villains. in the dead of night chambers, they starvation for sufferers and plot the downfall of these who stay at the streets above. Who will get to the bottom of the twisting labyrinth to bare its secrets and techniques, declare its treasures, and forestall the foul machinations of the dungeon’s denizens?
Halls of Undermountain™ is a 96-page hardcover e-book that offers a ready-to use dungeon detailing over 80 destinations. the journey deals a fashion for Dungeon Masters partaking within the contemporary D&D Encounters™ season, The Elder Elemental Eye™, to increase the journey. moreover, this e-book presents all of the parts to run a vintage dungeon delve, together with attractive treasures, lethal traps, a large collection of monsters, and double-sided full-color poster maps.

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Download E-books Sorcery and Steam (Legends & Lairs, d20 System) PDF

By Various, Fantasy Flight Games

The definitive d20 process source for steampunk myth settings and adventures.

• A finished dialogue of what steampunk is, what it seems to be and seems like, and the way to introduce it into your fable video game.
• distinctive directions on incorporating the present corre sessions right into a steampunk online game, in addition to 3 new periods and greater than a dozen status periods.
• A handful of recent talents, together with force, Munitions, and Use Steamcraft machine, in addition to new makes use of for current abilities.
• precise info on new euipment and know-how, from steamcraft units to black powder guns.
• finished motor vehicle principles and outlines of numerous universal steamcraft autos, together with locomotives, ironclads, and zeppelins.

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Download E-books Spider and Stone PDF

By Jaleigh Johnson

Lolth—patron deity of the drow, Spider Queen, regent of the Demon internet Pits—has once more stirred the darkish elves into roiling aggression opposed to the remainder of Faerûn, reveling within the chaos born from her darkish schemata. this can be the increase of the Underdark.
In Iltkazar, the final subterranean country of the as soon as resplendent dwarven realm of Shanatar, King Mith Barak faces a siege of drow squaddies, spies, and assassins seeking to grab the strong urban and the traditional magical artifacts hidden there.  someplace within the urban, the Arcane Script Sphere—a mystical orb touched through Mystra, the long-dead goddess magic—calls out to heroes and adventurers, beckoning with whispers of energy and information. Mith Barak hears it and is familiar with he can't carry the artifact for much longer, yet fears what the drow might do with it.
Enter Icelin, Ruen, and Sull, Waterdavian wanders whose wish to comprehend their very own spellscars units them looking for Mystran mysteries—they desire to appreciate magic and therefore comprehend its plague. As they stream from city to city, urban to urban looking for wisdom, Icelin hears the siren name of the Arcane Script Sphere, and it attracts the trio deep into rocks of the Underdark the place they locate themselves on the heart of the fight among the dwarves and drow.
Only King Mith Barak can start up them into the mysteries they desire to light up. yet first they need to aid him with a secret of his own—a darkish elf murderer, himself a seeker of the field, lies in Iltkazar’s dungeons shrouded within the secret and magic of Lolth. Icelin may be the single to work out previous that shroud and ascertain the real target of the Spider Queen’s schemes. 
As the darkish elves accentuate their assaults, the trio realizes their quest for wisdom has taken them right into a new and hazardous realm . . . a realm dictated via the whims of spider and stone.

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Download E-books Finder's Bane: Forgotten Realms: Lost Gods, Book 1 PDF

When Joel grew to become a clergyman of the recent god Finder, he knew it intended forfeiting the glory and protection of his place as a grasp bard. Now his freedom and his very existence are at stake as powers of evil embroil the monks of Finder in a fight opposed to a plot to resurrect the lifeless god Bane.

With his in basic terms allies the younger freedom fighter Holly Harrowslough, the mysterious winged girl Jas, and the getting older priest Jedidiah, Joel embarks on a project to get better the Hand of Bane. His quest leads him from the geographical regions the entire solution to the extra-planar urban of Sigil. There Joel needs to depend on all his braveness, knowledge, and energy to thwart the go back of Bane the Tyrant and rescue the god Finder from impending loss of life.

Finder's Bane is the fifteenth in an open-ended sequence of novels targeting the Harpers, the key association for strong within the Forgotten geographical regions delusion world.

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Download E-books The Shattered Land: The Dreaming Dark Book 2 PDF

By Keith Baker

Xend’rik. The darkish continent. A land of once-proud empires that now lie in break. A land shrouded in secret the place monsters and darkish powers stalk the jungles, the place simply the bravest and so much foolhardy will venture.
Now a band of war-weary infantrymen needs to courageous the depths of Xen’drik looking for an artifact that's the final desire to save lots of considered one of their very own.

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Download E-books Carnival of Fear PDF

By JG Faherty

The Halloween carnival appeared like the right approach to spend a Friday evening, but if a bunch of young ones locate themselves trapped within the haunted mansion, they examine the grim fact concerning the carnival, and the demons that run it. Now they’re trapped, scuffling with their means via a maze of torturous sights the place vampires, werewolves, extraterrestrial beings, and different monsters come to lifestyles, longing for human blood. because the physique count number rises, friendships are made and misplaced, and not likely heroes emerge. the ultimate showdown happens in Hell, the place the last word conflict among reliable and evil will be certain their destiny. The Carnival of worry - the cost of admission is your soul!

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Download E-books Oath of Nerull (Dungeons & Dragons Novel) PDF

By T. H. Lain

The wizard or sorcerer who wins the well known Duel Arcane should be offered the Golden Wand, a paranormal machine that holds outstanding strength. Magic clients come from all over the place to compete within the contest. a few are interested in glory, others to the contest. nonetheless extra come for different, darker purposes, pushed by way of an oath to a cruel demise god.

And a few oaths can't be damaged.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Chronicles: Dungeon Denizens Revisited (Pathfinder Chronicles Supplement) PDF

By Jason Bulmahn, Richard Pett, James L. Sutter

  • In the 3 many years because the beginning of myth roleplaying, a number of creatures special to gaming have burst into dungeon corridors and trapped treasure chambers, desirous to consume intrepid explorers and adventurers. Dungeon Denizens Revisited offers an in-depth examine ten of those strange creatures, from the starving otyugh to the gargantuan red computer virus. examine the misplaced secrets and techniques of rust monsters, owlbears, and ropers, and pleasure at new makes use of for the mysterious mimic or the disgusting gelatinous dice. all of the book’s ten chapters provides a dungeon denizen’s heritage, lore, ecological behavior, and schemes, with lots of recommendation on the best way to use the creatures successfully in an RPG crusade — or the best way to kill them of their treacherous lairs.

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Download E-books The Fractured Sky: The Empyrean Odyssey, Book II (Forgotten Realms) PDF

By Thomas M. Reid

What brings a demon to the gates of heaven?

The half-fiend Kaanyr Vhok eventually arrives on the vacation spot he has sacrificed rather a lot to achieve--he is within the middle of Celestia along with his lover and consort, the succubus Aliisza. purely to discover that the home of the Triad is falling aside, and he's certain by way of a vengeful Aliisza and a renegade angel into attempting to shop it--not precisely the aim he had in mind.

the second one full-length novel within the Empyrean Odyssey, The Fractured Sky maintains to keep on with battle of the Spider Queen favorites Aliisza and Kaanyr Vhok because the pair of fiends fight to flee the guts of a deeply stricken Celestia whereas absolute to a very decided angel.

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