Download E-books The Rose of Sarifal (Forgotten Realms) PDF

Cloaked in mist and layered in magic, the denizens of Moonshae Isles circulate in secret
circles as capricious rulers vie for power.
High girl Ordalf sought after her niece, the princess often called the Rose of Sarifal, lifeless. in its place, the younger regent used to be secreted away by means of the excessive lady’s competitors. For years the eladrin queen of Gwynneth Isle has hunted for facts of her niece’s loss of life, and be aware has eventually are available in the shape of a castaway’s story. The princess lives at the island of Moray—a mad good looks who leads a country of lycanthropes.
As lengthy as her niece is alive, girl Ordalf can't leisure safe in her declare to the throne. Enlisting a band of adventurers to search out the princess is the
first step towards stemming the Rose of Sarifal and her tide of wolves. Will these heroes see an analogous danger the queen sees within the attractive younger maiden?

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Download E-books Elminster's Daughter (Forgotten Realms: The Elminster Series, Book 5) PDF

By Ed Greenwood

Elminster's Daughter occurs many years after Elminster in Hell (and can be a sequel to demise of the Dragon). a comparatively light-hearted e-book in comparison to the extra violent Elminster in Hell, it focuses totally on the lifetime of certainly one of Elminster's childrens, Narnra Shalace.

Narnra leads the lifetime of a loner thief in Waterdeep, without one to rely on yet herself. Following an previous guy via an alleyway and right into a portal, she emerges in Marsember. The previous guy she follows is none except Elminster. as a result of her interest, Narnra fast reveals herself concerned not just within the intrigues of the Cormyrean state, but additionally with Elminster, who seems to be her father, whom she hasn't ever identified.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Companion: Legacy Of Fire Player's Guide PDF

By James Jacobs

An old legacy smolders within the hidden background of the country of Katapesh, a legacy whose time has come to blow up with a fiery wrath again into the realm. The Legacy of fireplace Player's consultant serves as an advent to the fourth Pathfinder event course, supplying you with the entire instruments you want to create characters from the unique country of Katapesh. Herein you'll locate new feats, gear, magic, personality features, classification strategies, a brand new status type, and extra - every little thing your personality might want to face up to the fury of the Legacy of fireplace!

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Download E-books Pathfinder Chronicles: Cities of Golarion PDF

  • Six adventure-packed towns of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign environment come alive during this lavishly illustrated guidebook. Perched on a razor’s fringe of event, the towns during this booklet make first-class settings for Pathfinder campaigns, and the wealth of element and concepts for city adventuring make the ebook an excellent pick-up for all fable avid gamers. Cities of Golarion highlights the subsequent interesting locales: Cassomir — sparkling Capital of Humanity's Oldest Empire; Corentyn — urban among Seas; Ilizmagorti — Island Jungle urban of Outcasts and Assassins; Nisroch — urban of Shadows; Vigil — final Bastion opposed to the Orc Hordes; and Whitethrone — Frozen urban of the Witch Queen.
  • Each urban gets a gorgeous full-page map, an ancient and cultural review, information on vital characters and destinations in the neighborhood, neighborhood come across tables, and targeted principles to assist gamers and online game Masters flesh out the geographical regions for his or her personal campaigns.

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Download E-books Tomb of Horrors: A 4th Edition D&D Super Adventure PDF

By Ari Marmell, Scott Fitzgerald Gray

The deadliest dungeon within the D&D® international returns!

For generations, the Tomb of Horrors™ has held an inescapable attract. It attracts adventurers to it like a beacon then devours them totally like a few big predator. inside its sepulchral, trap-ridden halls and chambers lay the secrets and techniques and treasures of the demilich Acererak and, a few say, the demilich himself.
Tomb of Horrors includes a modular layout that enables Dungeon Masters to construct campaigns round the occasions herein, or decide and select from many of the chapters to be used as standalone adventures. It offers a number of demanding situations, from elaborate strive against encounters to traps and tips evocative of the vintage Tomb of Horrors adventure.
This D&D event is designed for characters of 10th–22nd point and incorporates a full-color, double-sided conflict map designed to be used with D&D Miniatures.

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Download E-books Heroes of Shadow (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Player's Option) PDF

By Wizards RPG Team

Now not my experiment, yet I did OCR and procedure the whole lot via hand this night myself. I even threw a couple of bookmarks in there for ya. Why? simply because I'm the recent child in class and that i are looking to earn the cool kids' approval and acceptance.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For heroes who indulge in darkness.

The Shadowfell is a chilly, grim position during which the spirits of the useless needs to go on their solution to . . . anyplace. darkish, evil issues dwell there, suffused with the facility of shadow. a few mortals within the flora and fauna easy methods to faucet into this resource. Assassins. Necromancers. Hexblades. by way of all bills, a ruthless lot. in spite of the fact that, now not all beings that draw energy from the Shadowfell are vile, blackhearted fiends. a couple of even dare to name themselves heroes, utilizing the ability of darkness to struggle darkness. Are they evil? No. Deeply disturbed and hounded through their very own darkish demons? You bet.
Player’s choice: Heroes of Shadow™ specializes in characters that struggle evil in ways in which make others flinch. as well as exploring the character of the shadow strength resource, this booklet offers races, periods, feats, powers, and different strategies geared toward gamers hungry to play the archetypal antihero with a depressing area.

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Download E-books City of Torment: Abolethic Sovereignty, Book II PDF

By Bruce R. Cordell

Lovecraftian horror from award-winning Forgotten Realms® game clothier Bruce R. Cordell.

Raidon Kane travels to the subterranean castle of the somnambulant aboleths, bent on killing the Eldest in its sleep. yet he isn’t the one one sure for the hidden urban. A warlock, an arch fey, a pirate, and a excessive priestess of the Abolethic Sovereignty all have designs in their personal at the Eldest–if they don’t kill one another first.

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